Amazon Review Gift


Leaving an Amazon Review is a gift to us. Let us say “thank you” with an Amazon Gift Card.

Thank you so much for your purchase of a Handy Holsters™ product on Amazon. It means a lot to us that you’d put faith in our product, and we hope that you are enjoying the convenience and safety of carrying your cell phone and other essentials with you wherever you go.

We want to hear from you! Submit a Photo or Video* review to Amazon for a $5 Gift Card!

*To qualify for this offer, the review must contain a photo or video.


How to Get an Amazon Gift Card from Handy Holsters™:

  1. After you’ve used your product, please take a photo or video of the product in use.
  2. Go to your Amazon account and select “Orders”. Find your Handy Holsters product.
  3. Rate the product and leave a review based on your experience thus far. Submit your photo or video of the product at this time.
  4. Take a screenshot of your review right before you post it. We will use this to verify the review once it goes live on the product listing.
  5. Send an email to with your screenshot, name, which item you purchased, and the order ID.
  6. Once the review goes live, we will email you your Amazon Gift Card within two weeks.


Thank you, your contribution helps spread the gift of staying connected and having fun outdoors worldwide!

-The Handy Holsters™ Team