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In 2009, Brooke Beers, the original Founder & Developer of the Horse Holster™, teamed up with her mare pony, Missi, and they became riding partners. From trail rides and cattle sorting to gaming shows and pony rides, they created memories and an unbreakable bond!

In all of these sports, the common challenge for Brooke was finding a practical way to safely carry her cell phone. She searched for an option that would not only allow her to ride connected, but to also capture the special moments quickly with her phone camera.

After much trial and error with a variety of generic style phone holders, she was convinced that there needed to be a better option. Unfortunately, there was not. Wondering where to keep her key, ID, or money was always the question.

“What if it starts to rain? What if my horse and I become separated?”

It was these concerns that led her to create the patented Horse Holster™ phone carrier. 


After two years of research and design, the Horse Holster™ allowed Brooke and the ever-growing pool of customers and holster-enthusiasts to carry these necessary items, but to also keep identification and a way to communicate in the event of an emergency.

As the Horse Holster brand grew and the exposure blossomed, Brooke began making kinships with fellow entrepreneurs—One of those people was Kat Chrysostom, Founder & CEO of Benefab®. After living through a tragic horse-riding accident that left her temporarily paralyzed, Kat knew and appreciated the need to ride connected.

Since learning about the Horse Holster™, Kat has been a user and advocate of the product. As the brand grew, the business outgrew Brooke, and she made the choice to pass the torch onto Kat who now serves as the new Owner & CEO. Both women remain grateful to each other for what has been developed and what is yet to come.