Q & A

Below are answers to all of your important questions about The Horse Holster!

1) What is the difference between the Slim & XL Horse Holsters?
The Slim has now been discontinued due to the XL design being the most popular.
Dimensions - 6.75"L x 3.75"W x .75"D
The term XL refers to the pouch size, NOT the leg strap size. The XL is designed to fit ALL size phones and protective cases. Big or small, it fits them all! Even the Lifeproof and Otterbox cases. The smallest of phones can also fit in the XL...you'll just have more room for other items! The term XL will soon be removed.

2) What is the difference in the leg strap lengths?
The Horse Holster comes in two different leg strap lengths to accomodate many shapes and sizes of riders. The short strap is for thigh sizes measuring 16" to 24" in circumference (roughly size 0 to 9 in pants). The long strap is for thigh sizes measuring 24" to 32" in diameter (roughly size 9+ in pants). Sizes do vary per person. When measuring the diameter of your thigh, we recommend measuring as high up on the thigh as you can. This can be measured using any measuring tape.

3) What can be stored in The Horse Holster?
The following items care be stored in the holster:
- Cell phone
- Keys
- Money
- Debit/credit card
- Identification
- Trail permit
- Trail map
- Mace
- Coggins paperwork
- Medicine (Diabetes, Epi Pen, Inhaler, etc.) 
- Granola bar
- Horse treats
- and more!
*This product is not intended to hold a firearm, knife, or any other item that can be considered a deadly weapon.

4) How can I clean my Horse Holster?
The Horse Holster is machine washable or can be hand washed using soap and water. A toothbrush works great for heavy dirt.

5) What if my Horse Holster slips down on my leg?
While the holster is primary designed to be used when sitting, we have done our very best to design a product that will work for as many people as possible in different scenarios. The Horse Holster will fit slightly different on each person as it does depend on the shape of each person's leg. We recommend wearing it in a location that stays the best for you. Each holster now comes with a no slip strap that attaches the holster to a pocket, belt or waistband for additional support. If your holster does not have a no slip strap, they are available on our website for $1.99 and free shipping. The leg strap is elastic and can be pulled to a tightness that helps keep it secure. This is also subject to each person's comfort level. If you are still having trouble keeping the holster in place based on the shape of your leg. Please refer to the video under the 'How It Works' page on our website.

6) What shipping method is used?
All Horse Holster orders weighing under 16oz ship USPS First Class Mail (2-5 day once shipped). We ship within 48 hours of an order being received. Orders received after 1pm, reflect in the system the next day. Timeframe varies depending on your address, but we ask to please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your order. We ship from Dunnellon, FL. Any orders weighing over 16oz (3 or more holsters) automatically ship Priority (2-3 day once shipped) in the system.
Please allow 9 to 15 days for international shipments.

7) What is the warranty, exchange & return policy?
We warranty the product for 6 months against any major damages that may occur during that period that are due to a factory flaw. Normal wear and tear after this period would not be covered under a warranty. Exchanges and returns are welcome within 30 days of the product purchase date and as long as the product is in like new condition. If you're exchanging for a different color or leg strap size, please mail your holster back to P.O. Box 2342, Dunnellon, FL, 34430 and include a note stating your name, address, order number (if applicable) and reason for exchange. If you're returning the holster for a refund, please send back to the same address with a note stating your name, address, order number (if applicable) and reason for refund request. A refund will only be issued if the product is returned in like new condition. We do not refund the customer's return postage to send the items back to us.