Supporting The Kids

The Founder and CEO of The Horse Holster used to work at a very special place in Delaware called
Exceptional Care for Children (ECC). ECC just happens to be the first and only pediatric skilled nursing facility in the state. It's a place where children who are medically fragile and dependent on medical technology for survival can call home, have fun, and just be kids!But their life at ECC depends on help from the community to make it all possible. That's why we're going to help make a difference!In March of 2014, ECC started a Music Therapy Program to help the children in various ways like giving them a voice, providing motivation for movement, or offering soothing music to children on end of life care.
This amazing program cannot continue without our support.
WE RAISED A TOTAL OF $3,250 FOR ECC'S MUSIC THERAPY PROGRAM! Thank you to everyone who purchased a holster between May 21 and June 21 and to those who shared their Horse Holster pictures to our Facebook page. Your support means the world for these kids! Learn more at!